What to Expect in a Set of Plans

Builders appreciate HGDG home designs because the cost-effective detail that goes into each page usually reduces the price of construction. Home plans are working drawings that communicate a specific set of instructions between the home owner, designer, builder, appraiser, mortgage lender, material suppliers, and sub-contractors. Combined with a set of specifications, your plans detail what materials are to be used in the building of your home. A complete set of plans include the following pages:

Site Plan (optional)

Site PlanThis drawing shows the location of your home on your lot, including the front, side and rear set backs.  A north arrow shows the way the sun and light will cross over the house for  natural interior light, important when considering colors for walls, cabinets, fabrics, and floors.  This plan may also include sidewalks; driveways, as well as the location of any smaller structures such as a pool house or detached garage. If required by your neighborhood’s Architectural Review Board (ARB), you will be requested to furnish a tree survey so HGDG can include the trees and other topography on the site plan. This plan may also be used by your landscaper designer.

Foundation Plan

Site PlanThis sheet includes the size and type of foundation walls for a crawl space or elevated home. The details include concrete walls or slab, footings, posts, beams, and the size of floor joist, double joist and girders under load-bearing walls. Additional sheets focus on foundation cross-sections and other details.

Floor Plans

Site PlanFloor plans are the most important sheets with the largest amount of information included. These sheets provide a view from a horizontal plane midway between the floor and ceiling.  They show exterior and interior walls, doors, windows, stairways, fireplaces, built-in cabinets, and all plumbing fixtures. Notes are included for recessed beams, vaulted ceilings, size and spacing of decking with the direction of ceiling joists. All dimensions for construction are centerline to centerline of 2 x 4” frame walls, unless otherwise noted.
Front, Rear & Side Elevations

Site PlanAt least four elevations are used to show the home from all sides. They also show exterior materials, door and window header heights, as well as the total building height. The front elevation is printed at 1/4” scale and the other elevations are printed at 1/8” scale. They can all be printed at ¼” scale for an additional fee.

Door & Window Schedule

Site Plan A table with columns listing the necessary information and sizes for specifying the various types of interior and exterior doors and windows.

Cabinet Details

Site Plan Drawn in elevation form, cabinet details make up one or more sheets within a set of plans. They illustrate the number of drawers, height of countertops and number of wall cabinets in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry areas, and all other built-in cabinetry throughout the house.

Wall Sections

Site Plan Two full cut cross sections of the house to illustrate the construction from the footing to the ridge. The sheets show hurricane tie down, strapping details, stair details, ceiling and header heights.

Electrical Plan

Site PlanThis sheet is used by the builder to get quotes for sub-contractor labor and materials. It’s also used by the electrician and shows where to install all wall switches, ceiling lights, fans, and wall outlets throughout the house and garage. It includes the placement of the electrical panel box

Heating & Air Conditioning Plan

Site PlanThis floor plan illustrates where the heat and air conditioning registers and returns are located.  They are shown on the main level at the floor and on the ceiling of the second floor on all two-story plans. Units are typically a 13-seer rated heat pump and sized at approximately 600 sq. ft. per ton. All two-story plans show two separate units.
Color Rendering (optional)

Site PlanAn artist’s rendition of your home’s front elevation, it is a unique portrait of your home once it’s built and landscaped. If we have a rendering in stock it will be provided in black and white as a cover sheet. For custom plans a rendering can be commissioned for an additional $500 to $800 dollars.  All renderings can be done in color or black and white, and are suitable for framing.